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Shifter Products

  WEVO Shifters  
Wevo offers a whole range of shifters and shifting related products for your Porsche.

Do you like to enjoy spirited drives in your early classic, improve the feel of your mid-year racer, or customize your weekday or weekend warrior?

We have the shifter for you!




  Precision Shift Joints  

Tired of making repeated adjustments to your shift coupler and replacing cracked plastic bushings? WEVO now offers an extended line of shift joints for 356's and all 911's up to and including 993's.

Stock 911 PSJ
Racing 911 PSJ
G-50 PSJ
993 PSJ
356 PSJ
Modular PSJ
Billet Clamp
  Shifter Accessories  

Customize the feel of your WEVO Shifter with an alternate shift knob or stiffer springs.

SL Shift Knob
R-Lite Shift Knob
Standard Shift Knob
Tall Shift Knob
Shifter Spring Kit


  Racing Shifter Products  

These parts are for those dedicated track cars looking for the nth degree of performance gain over their competitors.

Racing Shift Tubes

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