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915 Shifter



The WEVO Shifter is a precision short shift / spring centered / reverse blocked shift mechanisms for the 901, 915, 930 equipped 911's and 930's.

The WEVO Shifter kit is intended for street cars, club event cars and full competition race cars.

This kit can be installed in any version 915 shifter base from cars 1973 - 1986. Part # 911.424.019.05 or 911.424.019.06 (.06 preferred ~ '76 >)

The WEVO Shifter kit is an alternative to the factory short shift kit. The reduction in lever travel from the stock 915 shifter is 30% - giving the WEVO Shifter lever a neutral to in-gear movement of 2". The additional precision of the mechanism offers what feels like further reduction in shift lever travel by eliminating the free play that exists in the stock 915 shifter unit.

The WEVO Shifter lever is spring loaded from both sides and the lever will stand in the 3rd - 4th gear plane in neutral - this has a similar feel to the spring resistance of the stock shifter that is only acting on the 5th - Rev gears. This feature helps with smooth 2nd - 3rd gear upshifts and clean 5th to 4th downshifts.

The WEVO Shifter has a reverse selection blocker that is only operational when moving the lever out of 5th gear (1st on the 901 version). If you are engaging 4th gear, from 5th gear, this blocker will help prevent you from pulling the lever back and clipping reverse gear. The blocker is overridden when deliberately selecting reverse from the neutral position- such as when the car is stationary.

The use of specially designed components in the WEVO Shifter achieves a high degree of mechanical precision and almost eliminates the sloppy feeling of the volume production compromised factory parts.

Your WEVO Shifter kit comes complete and partially assembled with all hardware and instructions to install the kit. No irreversible modifications are performed to any original components and the kit will take about two hours to install including removal and re-fitting of the shifter assembly to your chassis. No special tools or skills are required.

The installation of a WEVO Shifter will be one of the most positive tactile upgrades you can perform to a 911 with a 915 transmission.

The WEVO 915 Shifter comes in Silver or Black anodized finish and Classic look. Other colors are available by special order.

There is a taller knob available for Shifter units' intended for race cars. Custom options also catered for.

We recommend that the WEVO Shifter be used in conjunction with shift couplers like the WEVO PSJ.




WEVO 915 Shifter - Silver

WEVO 915 Shifter - Black

WEVO 915 Shifter - Classic

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