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Shifter Spring Kits

  All WEVO shifter's (901, 915, 930) are of modular design, with the design flexibility to allow the user to change the lateral feel of the spring centering of the shift lever.

The WEVO shifter spring kit includes 4 pairs of springs and 8 pre-load shims.

Two of the springs will be duplicates of parts already used in your shifter - this is a universal kit.

The table below will help to understand the variation available using the parts in this kit, the illustration will help to identify the components and the installation limitations.

As a general rule, a higher value of initial load will give the clearest definition of the center plane of the
shift pattern. The highest value of full deflection will give the greatest assistance to return the lever to the center plane of the shift pattern.

The original springs installed in your shifter were the result of testing and polling among the drivers who used and tested the product prior to general release. The O.E. spring configurations have varied for each shifter over time as we collected more feedback - now from over 1000 customers. The O.E. configuration may or may not suit you and the modular design of the WEVO shifters allow you to experiment to suit your feel and driving style.
Shifter Spring Kit
Price: $37.50


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