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SL Shift Knob


Accessory for your WEVO billet style shifter.

The new SL Knob is Super Light, at 53 grams, that's less than 2 oz. and less than half the weight of our existing Tall Knob. The diameter of the SL Knob is 44mm, that's 6mm larger in diameter than the Standard Knob and the height is 80mm high, the same height as our Tall Knob. (For reference, the Standard WEVO Knob is 53mm)

The reduction in weight seems trivial, but the shift lever is like a hammer handle and the reduced weight of the hammer head - the knob - greatly improves the finesse of your shifter action and the feedback from the delicate Porsche synchromesh to the palm of your hand.

Extensively drilled to scavenge weight from the middle of the knob, the SL Knob has an obvious tactile grip from the 42 perforations to the spherical surface.

This knob will only fit WEVO Billet style shifters and it can be installed on any of the 2000+ units delivered since shifter #1 of 2001.

Available in black or silver the price includes a new M6 screw to mount the SL Knob to your shift lever.

Silver SL Knob
Price: $89.75

Black SL Knob
Price: $89.75


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