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Racing 911 PSJ



Our ultimate version of the PSJ, the original and still the preferred full competition solution.

This joint eliminates the potentially troublesome friction pinch clamp on the rear of the shift tube and replaces it with a 3-bolt flange assembly that eliminates the risk of unintended adjustment.

The transmission side of the joint is attached to the transmission using the original M8 conical nosed set screw from the stock coupling. The shift tube side of the joint is attached to a 3 bolt flange, that is welded onto the original shift tube (must be removed from car), or can be fabricated into a lightweight - "straight shot" shift tube that is possible for cars with the park brake assembly removed.

The radial adjustment for the shift lever is achieved with radial slots in the coupler flange, the length adjustment is accomplished by adding or eliminating 1mm shims between the two bolt flanges (5 shims per kit).

The joint is zinc plated for corrosion protection and comes lightly lubricated and ready to use. The fabrication onto the shift tube requires the removal of the tube from the chassis, engine and transmission out of the car. This flange can be welded in minutes and is a good opportunity to inspect and restore the shift tube at the front end where the shift lever bucket is mounted and failures of long competition service units is not uncommon.

The WEVO Racing 911 PSJ is a replacement for the original Porsche shift coupler used in 911's from 1965 to 1986 and 930's from 1975 to 1988.

911 PSJ - Racing
Price: $275.00



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