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G-50 Carrera PSJ



Expanding one of our oldest product lines, the WEVO G50 Carrera PSJ is now available.

This product is a direct bolt in replacement for you existing shift tube coupler that is located under the cover plate on the center tunnel near the rear seats. The WEVO G50 Carrera is only suitable for '87 - '89 3.2 liter Carrera and '89 930.

The coupler requires no adjustment and is quick and easy to install - new hardware necessary for installation is included in the kit.

The WEVO G50 Carrera PSJ uses the same proven components as the original WEVO PSJ introduced in 1999. The Heavy Duty 1" joint with hardened steel pins and bearing faces is practically maintenance free. The removable Neoprene boot allows for inspection, cleaning and lubrication.

The WEVO G50 Carrera PSJ does eliminate the O.E. rubber diaphragm coupler that is used as part of the NVH isolation in the stock shifter mechanism - for this reason the level of noise being transmitted into the driver compartment is increased. Many other factors determine the actual increase and drivers seeking to maintain O.E. levels of cabin noise are encouraged to consider this carefully before purchasing or installing the WEVO G50 Carrera PSJ.

The WEVO G50 Carrera PSJ is not suitable for 1989 C4 or any 964 model.

G-50 PSJ
Price: $254.00



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