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356 PSJ



WEVO 356 PSJ. Will fit all Porsche 356B and 356C models.

The WEVO 356 PSJ is now available for immediate delivery to 356 customers.

This is a direct bolt-in replacement for the shift coupling used on 1959 356B's to 1965 356's.

The core of the new WEVO 356 PSJ is the familiar, sturdy and reliable hardened steel pin and block joint used in all the WEVO PSJ products since 1999.

The WEVO 356 PSJ comes complete with a new Porsche OE set screw, part # 443 711 189 A, that no longer uses lock-wire (supersedes 111 711 189 "adjusting screw" with lock-wire) because your old original screw is possibly a bit torn-up and the whole installation will benefit from the fresh parts and hardware.

The neoprene dust boot is injection molded and removable to allow for inspection and lubrication.

The WEVO 356 PSJ can also be paired with the WEVO Billet Clamp to replace your 50 year old pressed metal clamp.

The WEVO 356 PSJ has been tested thoroughly over thousands of miles, we can report that the increase in noise often associated with precision couplings is very minimal, probably insignificant if your 356 enjoys a non-stock exhaust note. The PSJ does not cause any rattling in the stock shifter handpiece, although does add a degree of precision to the shift action and a comforting "feel" of the synchronizer engagement.

The WEVO 356 PSJ fits with both the OE rubber boots and is therefore invisible once installed.


356 PSJ
w/ Porsche OE Set Screw
Price: $193.56

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