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XT-221 Front Cover Machining

The early factory competition 915 transmissions used a "gear pair" oil pump driven by the input shaft, the front cover casting featured details where the pump was installed - these casting details were a permanent - although unused feature on all 915 transmission cases from 1972 to 1986.

In conjunction with the original factory oil pump, the factory competition transmissions used a spray bar for oil distribution inside the transmission. All 915 transmission cases have provision for this internal oil spray bar system too.

The latest WEVO 915 front cover modification allows for mounting of oil return manifold designed specifically to combine with a spray rail system - without requiring the fragile and obsolete early 915 gear pair oil pump.

The front cover modification prepares casting for immediate or future installation of an oil return / spray rail system as your needs develop. A simple cover plate can be installed after the front cover is modified, or you can install WEVO part # XT-224 for an efficient oil return solution.

XT-221 Front Cover Machining
Price: $99.00
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