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XT-095 Oil Outlet Bottom Cover

As part of a family of 915 transmission oiling components, this new product is designed to provide an OIL-OUT manifold without the risk and cost of welding and/or machining the transmission case for a custom oil outlet fitting. Designed for use with an external electric oil pump of any design, the XT_095 incorporates a debris screen to prevent large pieces from damaging the oil pump in the event of a transmission component failure. The oil fitting is AN-8 and the XT_095 can be used on any standard 915, any standard 930 or any 915 transmission equipped with a WEVO 915 GateShift kit. The kit includes the bottom cover, conical debris screen and AN-8 port fitting.
XT-095 Oil Outlet Bottom Cover
Price: $286.50

(82°C Temp Switch Included)

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