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XT-224 Oil Return Manifold

This fitting is designed specifically to be used in conjunction with the new WEVO 915 front cover modification (XT-221). Eliminating the complexity and frailty of the early factory competition gear pair oil pump, this Oil return manifold fits neatly within the confines of the underbody sheetmetal and offers an AN-8 oil fitting to return oil to the transmission after pumping through an external oil cooler.

A sturdy zinc plated steel fabrication sealed to the casing by an o-ring, this is the first Aftermarket production design to integrate with the existing oil spray bar features inside the 915 transmission. The AN-8 fitting is positioned on the RHS of the transmission just forwards of the bottom cover - ideally located to simplify plumbing design when used in conjunction with the XT-095 bottom cover - also equipped with an AN-8 fitting.

XT-224 Oil Return Manifold
Price: $179.50

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