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ARE Custom Oil Cooler & Mounting Kit


The WEVO ARE oil cooler and mount kit is a combination product that has been created to install on cars with very few bodywork or body shell modifications.

If you drive a track-only car with no interior, large fender flares, the rear seat area cut away etc, etc. Then this kit is not for you. Your best option is to use a simple modular Setrab cooler of appropriate size and locate it with the packaging freedoms that exist in a full race car.

If your car is one of the growing number of powerful and beautiful 3.2, 3.4, 3.6 and 3.8 liter Hot Rod street cars with a 915 transmission, 11" rear wheels and big sticky track tires - then this IS the solution for you.

This kit installs in the compact triangular volume available within the right rear trailing arm. The mount is hung from the torsion bar tube that traverses the front end of this triangular volume. The mount itself forms an aerodynamic inlet duct that takes air from under the car and feeds it up through the oil cooler matrix. Although this location provides a comparatively poor supply of air for a cooler, the large high performance cooler matrix is considered to offset the compromise location. The trump card of the installation is pure simplicity, out-of-the-box installation ease and only two small M5 holes drilled in the car and no other modifications to facilitate installation. The duct will require some trimming and exact fitting to your car, but this should take no more than 30 minutes.

ARE Custom Oil Cooler & Mounting Kit
Price: $741.00

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