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Weldon 9200A Oil Pump & XT-238 Mounting Bracket


Weldon 9200A Oil Pump

The very best 12 volt pump you can buy to transfer hot oil. Cheaper pumps are available at less than half the price. Some of those cheap pumps are derived from water pumps used on RV's and bilge pumps used on ski boats. Some of the 12 volt pumps are not suited for the task of pressurizing the WEVO XT-233 Oil spray bar.

The Weldon 9200A pump is a premier product from a company who also manufactures fuel and fluid transfer pumps for aircraft, this is the key credential for selecting Weldon as the core component of the WEVO 915 oil cooling system.


XT_238 - Oil Pump Mounting Bracket

Designed specifically for the outstanding Weldon 9200A oil pump. This pump is the premier option when it comes to choosing an oil pump for any transmission lubrication and cooling system.

The WEVO XT-238 takes advantage of existing hardware on the transmission. A pair of rubber Anti-Vibration mounts isolate the pump from the vibrations of the transmission and reduce stress on the XT-252 hard line joining between the Weldon pump and the XT_095 bottom cover.

A stainless steel band clamp secures the Weldon pump to the WEVO bracket. The pump is positioned on the right hand side of the transmission, directly below the starter motor. With 12 volts available on the hot terminal of the starter, this provides a simple and local source of power for the Weldon pump.

The bracket is complete with all hardware to secure the Weldon 9200A pump in the WEVO design location.

Weldon 9200A Oil Pump
Price: $585.00
XT_238 Oil Pump Mounting Bracket
Price: $68.50

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