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Rear Anti Roll Bar Consoles


A super duty replacement part for the damage prone O.E. Rear Sway bar consoles and the O.E. reinforced replacement upgrades, both of which have proven fragile on cars that enjoy regular spirited driving or upgraded anti roll bar systems. The WEVO RARB Console is an investment cast component manufactured in heat treated 4130 steel alloy. This is a direct replacement part for the standard parts and requires no special preparation to install when compared to the replacement using factory components.

The WEVO RARB is suited for the following application(s):

Quantity Required
pre-1972 1,2
Rear Anti Roll Bar
1972-1977 2
Rear Anti Roll Bar
Rear Anti Roll Bar

1. Note: This part is specifically designed to match the pressed sheet metal contours of the 1972 to 1989 911 chassis, although with modification can be used on the 1965 -1972 chassis. Please refer to the Pre-1972 Chassis Installation Instructions for details or contact for additional information.

2. Note: For 1978 the factory increased the bolt spacing of the sway bar bracket and mounting clamps. The 1978 and later dimension is 66mm hole center to hole center. The WEVO RARB Consoles are designed to replace the '78 and later components. Many pre '78 cars have already been upgraded to the '78 and later factory parts, so check the hole spacing on your car. If your hole spacing is less than 66mm, you will also require new clamps and rubber bushings to mount your rear sway bar. The part number for the '78 and later clamp is 113.411.333 and these are available for purchase below. In addition, there is a choice of 3 rubber bushings available for 18mm, 20mm and 21mm diameter rear sway bars - these are also available below. Many aftermarket rear sway bars or anti-roll bars kits are available with a choice of bolt spacing - always choose 1978 and later for any mounting kit.



RARB Console
Price: $94.75

(priced individually)
OEM Rear Sway Bar Clamp
(priced individually)
Fits '78-'89 911
Price: $17.20

OEM Sway Bar Bushing
(priced individually)
18mm Sway Bar
Price: $26.00

(yellow dot)
20mm Sway Bar
Price: $21.58

(green dot)
21mm Sway Bar
Price: $35.39

(blue dot)

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