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Semi-Solid Blue & Black Pillows


WEVO are now offering the option between the standard "Blue" Pillows and an alternate more compliant "Black" Pillows for the range of WEVO SS Engine and Transmission mount products. The new "Black" Pillows are 15 points softer on the Shore "A" scale for durometer readings than the original "Blue" Pillows. The Black pillows function in the same way as the Blue pillows - although they allow slightly more deflection under similar loads - the advantage is lower noise transfer through the SS mount module.

From our testing we would suggest the Black pillows for any street use only SS transmission mounts.  If you drive your car to the track would might also consider these. For pure track work we recommend the original Blue pillows for both SS Transmission and SS Engine mounts. The Black pillows are also good for engine mounts on Street only cars - offering a reduction of engine noise transfer over the Blue pillows - much less engine mount deflection and drive train movement than the O.E. or O.E. Sport Engine mounts.

We have created this option to provide more flexibility in the WEVO SS product range. Blue and Black pillows can be mixed in any combination - including mixing them within a single mount body.

Original Blue Pillows
Softer Black Pillows

Includes (1) lower mount (XC_008-65) and (1) upper mount (XC_009-65).
Fits one SS Engine Mount or SS Transmission Mount assembly.

Blue Pillows
Price: $17.75

Black Pillows
Price: $17.75

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