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Chassis Products

  WEVO Semi-Solid Engine & Transmission Mounts  

WEVO has worked extensively to develop the first non-solid Aftermarket engine mount developed specifically for Porsche engine mount applications. The WEVO SS Engine Mount (or Semi-Solid) is designed to offer virtually the same locating advantages of a solid engine mount - without the metal to metal contact between the chassis and the engine.

While you are most familar with the easy to access engine mounts in a 911 engine bay, we also offer a complete line of transmission mount beams on an exchange basis or DIY kits. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions on which application would best fit your needs.

911 SS
Engine Mounts
Engine Mounts
997 SS
Engine Mounts
914 SS
Transmission Mounts
901 SS Transmission Beam
930 SS Transmission Beam
G-50 SS Transmission Beam
Boxster SS
Racing Engine Mount
9A1 SS
Racing Engine Mount

Boxster SS
Transmission Mount

  Other Chassis Products  

Other Popular WEVO Chassis products include a Super Duty Replacement Rear Anti-Rollbar Console.

RARB Consoles



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