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G-50 Semi-Solid Transmission Beam


An extension of our successful Semi Solid Mount range, the WEVO SS G50 Transmission Beam allows the opportunity to refurbish or upgrade the O.E. '87 - '89 transmission mount beams that are now at least 20 years old and very costly as an O.E. replacement part direct from Porsche.

The kit emulates the same format as the WEVO SS 901 and 930 Transmission beams - where the components are available as a Fabrication kit, or on the refurbish or exchange basis through Windrush.

The refurbishment process includes cleaning and fabrication of the alloy receivers into the O.E. mount beam. If you want your exact beam returned to you - make this request with your order. If time is of the essence, we may have an exchange unit on the shelf and be able to ship a beam immediately - using a core in similar condition the unit you supplied. We can also offer to ship you a WEVO SS G50 Transmission beam prior to receiving your core - this will attract a $500 core charge that will be reimbursed upon arrival of you serviceable core.

The fabrication kit includes two full sets of mount components. The parts are self-locating in the castings to ensure correct orientation of the parts prior to welding. The fabrication kit will be available direct from Windrush and other WEVO product re-sellers.

The WEVO SS G50 Transmission beam is supplied with our Black-A65 pillows as opposed to the more familiar blue pillows. Through testing of the SS G50 Beam the NVH of the stiffer blue pillows was considered too high for these cars, many of which are in daily or regular service and invasive noise is considered inappropriate.

Also available with traditional SS Blue Pillows - these are a direct interchange and require no alteration to the alloy mount beam for installation.

The WEVO SS G-50 Transmission Beam is suited for the following application(s):

Quantity Required
Transmission Beam
1 Kit

Technical Note: The M12 bolt through the Engine or Transmission mount should be tightened to 40 ft/lbs or 55 Nm. The M12 Schnorr (serrated) washer should be installed directly under the head of the M12 bolt. The M8 hardware should be tightened to 18 ft/lbs or 25 Nm using the original arrangement of washer and nut.


Two options available (excluding tax/shipping):
1. Exchange or modification of your exact part (call for details): $286.15


2. “Fabrication Kit” for DIY: $156.00
G-50 SS Transmission Beam DIY Kit
Price: $156.00

Blue Pillows
G-50 SS Transmission Beam DIY Kit
Price: $156.00

Black Pillows

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