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Boxster Semi-Solid Engine & Transmission Mounts


As part of an expansion of our WEVO Semi Solid mount solutions in 2009 we released the WEVO SS Boxster Transmission Mount and the WEVO SS Boxster Racing Engine Mount.

These two WEVO products should be paired together for Racing purpose Boxster and Cayman models from 1997 to 2009. These parts are class legal for “Spec Boxster” and widely used in almost every Boxster built for this class popular spec class. Track-day Boxsters and street hotrods are using the WEVO SS Boxster Transmission mount as part of any serious tuning program.

In 2011 we began testing the WEVO 9A1 SS Racing Engine Mount. This mount is designed for the Boxster and Cayman models equipped with the 9A1 series drivetrain. Once again, this mount can be paired with the WEVO SS Boxster Transmission Mount to achieve competition levels of drivetrain control. The 9A1 SS Racing Engine Mount is legal for Grand Am competition.

For street cars and tuner cars, the WEVO SS Transmission Mounts are an ideal upgrade and should be paired with the O.E. 987 Engine Mount for 1996 to 2009 cars, or the Original Equipment 9A1 mount for later cars.





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