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What are the WEVO RP models made of?

We currently offer two materials for use in the Z402 System. zp11 powder, is starch- and cellulose-based, and totally non-toxic. zp100TM powder is a mostly plaster based powder that allows for higher part strength and more accuracy in detail. The binder is a water-based product which is available in a varity of colored dyes.

How strong are the WEVO RP parts?

As the parts are removed form the Z-Printer, "green", they can be quite fragile, geometry dependant… We never ship parts in the green condition. The parts built from ZP100 powder are much stronger and can be used in the green condition in appropriate situations.

Once the parts are infused with either resin or wax, they become quite sturdy, equal or superior to any of the low cost RP model solutions. The durability of the models is very geometry dependant – a ship in a bottle is always going to be a fragile toy – regardless of construction.

How can the WEVO RP models be used?

Models infused with resins are strong enough to be used in mock-up assemblies and perform semi-structural tasks. We have customers who have subject their models to some unique physical and operational tests such as;
40% scale wind tunnel model parts (82 ft/sec airspeed = 56 mph)
Engine performance flow-bench testing
Automotive transmission gear-shift mechanisms
Audio loud speaker components
Drill jigs and fixtures
Bicycle components
Home hardware electronics

Can any additional processing be performed on the WEVO RP models?

The resin models can be cut, sanded, filed, threaded and detailed to accommodate other proprietary components; dimensions usually limit strength.

The wax infused parts are intended for the investment casting process. The wax infused model can be the core for an investment casting that will create your part in metal for testing at virtually production qualities.

The nature of the 3-D design process, RP modeling and investment casting also has applications for custom auto and motorcycles, jewelry, sculpture and restorations including auto, furniture and household appliances.

How quickly will WEVO have my model ready?

Your models, depending on size, will be ready for dispatch within 48 hours.


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