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  We offer parts made with two different type of powder; starch-based and a high-definition plaster-based powder.

Starch-based powder:
Printed at a rate of 1-2 vertical inches per hour, starch-based powder is particularly good for larger parts and is the only power used when producing models for investment casting.

Plaster-based powder:
This material is beneficial when printing thin wall or fine detail models. The printing rate will increase to approximately .5 vertical inch per hour.

  We can infuse your models in a number of ways depending upon the intended use.  


Wax - 90% Paraffin wax:
Infiltration with wax predominately utilized when the models intended use is for casting, this will ensure clean burn-out. The model will be dipped into the hot wax infiltrating the model by 3 mm. Model remains fragile, as the wax adds no strength to the model. Note: Model can not be painted after infiltration with wax.

Epoxy Resin:
Used to seal and give the model strength. The model is quite rigid. Can be sanded smooth and painted for presentation models.

Polyurethane - Rubber effect:
Model infiltrated with Polyurethane will have flexibility, depending upon geometry, working best with thin wall models.


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