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Rapid Prototyping



Windrush Evolutions can now provide high speed, economical Rapid Prototyping services in the San Francisco Bay area. Our Z402 three dimensional Printer is located at our San Carlos studio in the heart of Peninsular high-tech Industries.

Our 15 years involvement in Industrial Design and Motor Racing gives WEVO a unique capacity to understand the time pressures of concept development and project timing - you can be sure that your delivery requirements can be appreciated and accommodated when working with Windrush.

At WEVO we run Unigraphics Solutions SOLID EDGE software, this package will prepare your files to *.stl format if necessary and we can undertake any "last minute" digital model preparation in-house if required to accurately manufacture your prototypes.

For clients without digital modeling capacity WEVO use a variety of techniques to work from existing digital, hard copy or components to create a new prototype.

This technology has many new and exciting applications for practices as diverse as paleontology to motorcycle restoration. Consider the value of 3-D models available on a next day basis.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule machine time please contact Tracey Morris with your Rapid Prototyping requirements.


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