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Race Case Systems



The WEVO Race Case System is a program of remedial work that salvages worn and damaged Porsche transmission cases and restores them to new or better than new tolerances.

Currently the WEVO Race Case System only applies to 915 and 930 series transmissions.

Other modifications provide upgrades to eliminate some known issues of the O.E. components. Some of these upgrades were introduced by Porsche themselves as the transmission series evolved during the new model developments. Windrush have developed mirror solutions to apply some of these updates to the earlier series transmissions.

Windrush Evolutions Inc. has established data and understanding of the model variations and engineering limitations of the Porsche 915 series transmissions. We have a little less experience with the 930 transmission, but have taken some of the 915 solutions and applied them to the 930 transmission architecture where appropriate.

The WEVO Race Case system allows most otherwise unusable transmission casings to be salvaged and returned to service with better than new performance potential.

For clarity the nomenclature we use at Windrush Evolutions Inc. for 915 and 930 transmissions is as follows;

Final Drive Housing – this is the largest of the three casings, it carries the differential and mounts to the motor.

Maincase – This is the intermediate casing of the transmission and contains the main shaft and gear assemblies.

Front Cover – This is the small casing, forward most in the chassis and the one that has the transmission mounting beam attached to it. This casing is replaced by the WEVO SideShift casting when a 915 is converted to mid-engine installation.

Typically a customer will have their own transmission casings upgraded and returned to them on a cycle that requires about 4 weeks.

In some cases we can offer an exchange service when the following criteria are met;

Same 915 / ?? serial number and material (915/61 available in Magnesium & Aluminum)
Same 930 / ?? Serial number transmission (no non O.E. short bellhousings)
Similar cosmetic condition
No holes drilled for brackets, oil fittings, sensor windows etc.
No cracks, welding, signs of “blow-up”

The cases are inspected for distortion that would prevent a successful completion of the process. About 1 in 20 casings are distorted too far to be completed. Often these have visible damage from a blow-up, crash damage or contact with the ground.

The heart of the upgrade is the shrink fit of the billet bearing carrier. This is a Stainless steel piece in the final drive housing and aluminum in the Maincase. Once the insert is installed, the bearing bores are machined to exact location and diameter. The shift rail locations are accurately re-located to designed position and have aluminum bronze bearings installed for slick shift rail action. The cases are then machined flat and perpendicular to the normal shaft axis.

The standard Race Case upgrade includes general cleaning of the case and replacement of all studs with new O.E. studs (except 10 off pinion studs that are NLA)

The detent bore galleries have their plugs removed and once the machining work is completed, these galleries are closed with M10 set screws

Each completed casing is marked with an ID and date.

If ship your casings with bearings these will be kept and returned with your upgraded case. Cases that are shipped with all studs and interlock mechanisms installed will be returned with the interlock mechanisms installed to O.E. specification. Studs removed are discarded.

The variety of options, prices and peculiarities for 915 and 930 transmissions are shown on the respective pages.

We often have enquiries about 901 and G50 series transmissions. For 901 transmissions the Final Drive housings are still readily available from Porsche dealers at modest prices and we have no plans to create remedial solutions for the 901 transmission. For the G50 series transmissions there are fewer issues. Porsche learned from the 901, 915 and 930 series transmissions and this experience combined with the generally higher torque capacity of the G50 series transmissions means they are less prone to damage. In the future we expect to develop solutions for G50 transmissions as they become more clearly defined.

Final Drive Housing Modification
Maincase Modification
Guide Tube Upgrade



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