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915 Sideshift Kit


**This Kit is No Longer Available**

The WEVO 915 SideShift kit is a new approach to an old problem. A solution long overdue for the many mid engine Porsche cars that can choose from the 901 or 915 series transmissions.

With most modern 6 cylinder mid engine cars capable of developing torque output above the practical limit of the 901 series transmission, the 915 has become increasingly preferred for the larger gears, crownwheel and pinion and drive flanges.

Previously the choices for effecting the gear selection mechanism have been limited to one of three choices;

  • Use the 916-style shift mechanism through the bottom cover opening.
  • Use an aftermarket cable shift assembly.
  • Embark on a project to fabricate an array of rockers, pivots and levers to translate the shift motion to the rear of the car through a stock 911 style 915 transmission.

With the design and development of the WEVO GateShift kit, we have helped 120 customers - and counting, to enjoy improved shifting accuracy and precision from their 915 transmission. In conjunction with our PSJ coupler and WEVO 915 Shifter, we have raised the level of precision available from a 915 to a standard never previously enjoyed.

The WEVO 915 SideShift now brings all those advantages to mid engine cars, particularly those with a 914 chassis.

The simple kit can be installed in the transmission by any confident technician and does not require full disassembly of the transmission.

The kit includes all the parts required to install a WEVO 915 SideShift kit in a transmission and will leave the main gear selection input rod pointing forwards on the LHS side of the car, 142 mm to the left of car centerline and 50 mm below the pinion shaft axis (126 mm below the crankshaft).

The most obvious part of the kit is the new rear cover for the transmission. The casting has extended ears that mate to the stock 914 chassis points for the 901 transmission. The plane of the engine to bellhousing remains in the same location as per the 901 series transmissions.

Inside the cover, submerged in oil, is a precise and sturdy rocker and lever assembly. The mechanism translates the motions from the main shift rod to the internals of the 915 transmission. The operation of the 915 is otherwise unmodified and this is the great advantage of the WEVO 915 SideShift kit.

The position of the gear selection input is located to allow the shift rod to make a line to the engine bulkhead with the minimum deviation around the oil cooler fitting on the crankcase adjacent to #6 cylinder. The 15 mm � gear selection input rod is machined to accept the stock Porsche 901 / 915 transmission coupling, the WEVO PSJ or many other aftermarket shift couplers.

The shifting action requires the use of a 915 shift tower, also allowing the use of aftermarket upgrades specifically designed for the 911 and previously unsuitable for the 914 chassis. We recommend the WEVO 915 Shifter for this purpose.

The main shift rod for the 915 transmission requires modification to achieve the correct length and angle of installation for the shift "dongle" on this part. Each WEVO 915 SideShift kit will include a modified shift rod and customers will pay a core charge pending the return of a usable, exchange shift rod. (915.303.132.00)

Additional installation kits will be available to simplify the project. Ultimately with sufficient planning, the transmission installation for a 914-6 project, or 901 to 915 upgrades will be as easy as ordering the correct parts from Windrush and installing them into your stock 914 chassis.

For custom fabricated and heavily modified racecars, our choice of location for the gear selection input rod will make installation of the WEVO 915 SideShift kit and gearshift rods very simple.

The WEVO SideShift kit can be used with the XT_915 Racing Transmission conversion, allowing full racing dog gear engagement transmissions to be built for 914 Race Cars.



915 Sideshift Kit



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