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Guide Tube Upgrade


This upgrade can be performed in either the 1972 final drive housing with the co-cast mag and steel guide tube, or the 1973 through 1975 final drive housings with the press fit steel guide tube.

The upgrade involves machining the case to provide a new smooth bore, with a key feature on one face. The new guide tube supplied with the upgrade accepts both the o-ring and the input shaft seal from the later model 915's (915/44 and higher series number).

The guide tube is secured by a retaining ring from inside the final drive housing. The retaining ring can be manipulated and removed with the transmission fully assembled and the side cover removed. The guide tube can be removed without special tools and then serviced on the bench before being re-installed in the final drive housing.

The upgrade service does not require the removal of any bearing races or studs. Your housing can be shipped direct to our vendor who performs the upgrade. You will need to thoroughly clean the case when it returns to remove any residual swarf from the machining process.

The upgrade includes the new guide tube, O.E. o-ring (not normally included in gasket kits) and the retaining ring. The process normally takes about 7 days from receipt of your housing to the date it is shipped to return.

Guide Tube Upgrade
Price: $298.00**
**Upgrade to your existing final drive housing; exchange option also available
Prices exclude shipping (in both directions), any applicable taxes, etc.
To order, call 650-595-5772 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mon. through Fri. Pacific Standard Time.

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