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XT-032 Bearing Retainer Plate

The WEVO XT-032 Bearing Retainer is a logical addition to any 915 transmission upgrade.

The thrust loads from the Pinion gear and the helical cut ratio gears are accommodated by the bearing retainer plate. The Original Equipment uses two separate steel retainers that offer little to support or harness the pair of bearings.

Our Windrush version is made from an aerospace stainless steel alloy that has thermal expansion properties more closely matched to the aluminum or magnesium final drive casing. The XT-032 captures the two thrust bearings together - accurately maintaining the designed shaft spacing and mimicking the packaging in the 930 transmission and G-50 transmissions.

The XT-032 is designed and machined for minimum weight - being lighter than the two Original Equipment pieces and saves almost 1/2 pound over other less expensive aftermarket bearing retaining plates.

Suits all 915 transmissions 1972 through 1986
915 Bearing Retainer Plate
Price: $249.00

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