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915 Spool

We take 100lbs high grade steel billet and machine it into this 7.7lb assembly.

The WEVO Spool is designed to lock the rear wheels together - much like a limited slip differential acting to it's maximum potential.

The Spool has the advantage of guaranteeing that the wheels always turn the same speed - an advantage under both braking and acceleration.

The primary advantage of the WEVO Spool design is the very light weight. By incorporating the drive flange onto the spool section we eliminated a lot of weight. The whole assembly including the drive flanges weighs in at just 7.7 lb. The WEVO Spool will save over 15 lbs to the Torsen style after market differentials, 12lb to an original ZF unit and even 9lb over a standard open stock differential.

The Ring gear is mounted in the conventional manner with stock Porsche bolts - part # 911 332 276 00 and lock tabs - or save the extra weight of the tabs by lock wiring the bolts.

The carrier bearings and seals are both Original Equipment pieces, the Drive flanges are designed for the larger Porsche CV joint, using an aircraft nut and bolt instead of the threaded drive flanges on OE parts.

This is a serious competition system - currently being used by two of the fastest East Coast PCA GT cars. The chassis of these cars needed minor adjustments to reach the handling balance desired by the drivers - in both cases achieving faster lap times than ever before.

If you use your car for competition in a class where tire size is limited - the WEVO Spool can be a serious advantage. The guarantee of turning both wheels at the same speed can reduce power-wasting wheelspin and give high-speed stability under power and braking. This kit is easy to install and offers a serious alternative to the original ZF limited slip differential or Torsen style units available.


915 Spool
Price: $1993.00

(Price includes Spool, Flanges, retaining rings and aircraft nuts for the CV bolts)

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