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915 StreetLite Clutch Kit

This is an all new high performance clutch solution for street driving, rally cars and track cars with 915 transmissions.

Working with World Championship winning manufacturer AP Racing, Windrush have developed the WEVO 915 StreetLite clutch kit specifically to match the unique packaging and clutch release mechanisms deployed by the factory during the 15 years when the 915 was used in all 911 chassis.

Utilizing the stock release bearing, all the stock release cable mechanisms and the stock starter ring gear, this clutch kit includes a new billet steel lightweight flywheel, 215mm lug drive aluminum AP Racing clutch, organic friction disc, release bearing adapter and fasteners, hardware package.

The whole assembly weighs 15.5 lbs (7.0kg) and has a lower inertia value than any other street clutch available for the 915 transmission.

The versatile organic friction material specified by AP Racing is subtle enough for smooth street driving, yet durable enough for track and rally driving. The clutch assembly is rated by AP Racing for 320 lbs/ft torque.

This kit has been specifically designed to replace the 225mm O.E. Sachs tab drive clutches where tab failure is common in track and rally driving. The AP Racing lug drive clutch is equally durable in both drive and over-run conditions - unlike a tab drive clutch that can succumb to compression bending and fatigue failure on the drive tabs in over-run, trailing throttle conditions (especially from poorly timed downshifts)
The WEVO 915 StreetLite kit is simple to install, all necessary hardware comes with the kit, with instructions on how to re-use many valuable and durable parts from your existing clutch assembly. No irreversible modifications and no time consuming set-up procedures common with more extreme racing clutch kits.

Enjoy crisp throttle response from the lightweight assembly and race breed reliability.

Available for 6 bolt and 9 bolt crankshaft applications, with "piggy-back" kits to trigger 3.2 DME and 3.6 DME engine management. Engines with Carburetors, MFI or CIS need no additional parts.


WEVO 915 StreetLite Clutch Kit
No Longer Available
Call for any support requirements


Through a partnership agreement between Windrush Evolutions Inc. and AP Racing, these kits are available in the EU and Scandinavia with direct deliveries from AP Racing's European Dealer Network. Please visit for details.

North and South America, Asia, Australia and the Pacific rim are serviced by Windrush Evolutions Inc. in California.


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