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XT-206 Clutch Cable Bracket

This bracket is intended for two purposes. To repair the 1972 to 1976 magnesium final drive housings that often have damage to the clutch cable mounting boss that is one of the lowest points under the 911.

Corrosion, low ride heights, reckless floor jack position etc, have taken their toll on these early transmissions. Trim away the damaged area under these magnesium final drive housings and replace the integral cast clutch cable mount with this sturdy zinc plated steel bracket.

This bracket can also be used to backdate the 1977 to 1986 915 final drive housings with the more simple release mechanisms of the clutch release system of the early 70's. Eliminate the weight and complexity of the Omega spring assist on the later cars. The XT_206 Is a necessary part of this backdating solution.
915 Clutch Cable Bracket
Price: $68.00


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