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616 Fuel Pump Block-Off

This is another simple WEVO product borne out of frustration when assembling 616 series motors that no longer use a mechanical fuel pump.

In 2011 we purchased a product from Germany for about $25 (much more delivered!) that was supposed to achieve the same function. In fact that eaqually simple part was intended to stack atop the adapter between the crankcase and the OE mechanical fuel pump, offering only part of the weight and cleanliness advantage that is possible when the mechanical pump is no longer required.

We made these parts for our own consumption and now have a batch on the shelf for those looking to achieve the same simple solution on any 616 installation, whether it be a 356 or a 912.

No gasket required, install with a small amount of case sealant on the flange around the locating spigot. Clear anodized aluminum and supplied with two button head cap screws in passivated stainless steel that will finish off your 616 build as neatly as we did.


616 Fuel Pump Block-Off
Price: $68.50


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