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Press Release


WEVO Appoints TwinSpark Racing as Exclusive European Distributor


In response to ever increasing WEVO product deliveries from the USA into the EU, Windrush Evolutions Inc. is proud to announce our cooperation with TwinSpark Racing in the Netherlands.

The exclusive EU distribution agreement will inventory all WEVO products at the TwinSpark Racing store based in Oegstgeest in the Netherlands. This will offer speed and simplicity of delivery to all EU customers.

Our goal is to provide an easier buying experience to EU customers, with customer deliveries by local EU shipping options and the complexity of EU VAT resolved during importation by TwinSpark.

For WEVO, TwinSpark is the perfect partner for this venture. Leonard Stolk and Lex Proper are both hardcore Porsche enthusiasts and accomplished businessmen.


Leonard Stolk, Hayden Burvill and Lex Proper celebrate their agreement


TwinSpark Racing has already developed several high grade products for Early 911 series cars, TwinSpark Racing are also exclusive EU distributors of the high quality series of products from Zuffenhaus.

TwinSpark Racing's dedication to quality and performance is lockstep with the WEVO products reputation and the business philosophy at Windrush. It is clear that WEVO customers will be in caring hands when they purchase our products through TwinSpark Racing.

The partnership between Windrush Evolutions Inc. and TwinSpark Racing is intended to streamline 3 major variables that can delay delivery of WEVO products to EU customers.

  • Costly single order shipping.
  • Lengthy transit and import process delays
  • Obligatory 19% EU VAT

Hayden Burvill, WEVO's MD commented: "This is the only way we can efficiently deliver WEVO products to an EU customer who requires an overnight delivery" says Tracey Morris, Director of Windrush Evolutions Inc. in California. "By warehousing product in the EU we can deliver a shifter to Rome, Athens, Geneva, Madrid, Manchester or Oslo by noon the following day - with delivery costs roughly equivalent to a next day delivery from San Carlos CA to Tampa FL delivery in the USA."

"This will be the first time EU customers can enjoy such convenience, our shipping records show that EU clients have the same requirements as all other customers when it comes to expedited delivery options, the Windrush Evolutions Inc. and TwinSpark Racing relationship is intended to deliver even more WEVO product into the EU in 2010."

The creation of the www.WEVO.eu website with its EURO pricing structure and secure EURO currency purchasing mechanism is an integral part of the process. The WEVO.EU site opens its doors from April 6 2010.

Direct deliveries in Europe will commence on April 15, 2010. WEVO products in Europe are already available through the TwinSpark website under:


For more information please contact us.


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